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If you have chosen an all-weather cover, or even just a Sunbrella, the protection you will receive when it is custom sized is ten-fold. You cannot compare the difference between a universal cover and a custom. The universal cover will not be able to fit the car perfectly. Either there will be excess baggy material, or something will be peeking out due to lack of fabric. In either case, there is space for the unwanted to creep in. Although this may ‘only’ be dust, it is still a hindrance, and uncalled for. When covering your car, you expect it to actually protect it, and not do only half the job. By contrast, the custom will be able to fit your car like a glove. It will be snug against the contours of the car, and there will be no space whatsoever for anything to filter in. This means that the protection that the custom offers, is complete, and so much more so than a universal one. A custom will also be able to absorb the shock of any scrapes and bashes, preventing them from leaving an impression on the car itself. It makes a real statement. This is probably also due to the fact that custom car cover owners are given a selection of colours to choose from, as well as the option of placing a logo of their choice on the bonnet. This adds a personal touch to the cover. Buying a custom cover does not have to mean paying a fortune. They are not so expensive and actually work out to be more cost-effective.


Custom Car Covers


It protects your vehicle from the harsh elements and more. Whether you accept it or not, the environment can be your car’s worst enemy. Next to your home, your car is your most prized possession. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to protect your investment by reducing the period of time that your vehicle is exposed to the environment. You can prevent this with a good cover. Modern car covers won’t take a long time to put on. Most are made using advanced computer drafting software and can be used in less than a minute. Custom covers are so-called since they snugly fit your own vehicle and have the best protection. Contrary to popular belief, a car cover isn’t simply just a cover. Today’s covers have different features and options that can be tailored to meet the needs of your vehicle. High quality covers are made to protect your car from the sun and rain. They have breathable fabrics to repel the elements. Without breathable fabrics moisture can get trapped under a cover and eventually destroy your car’s paint while ultraviolet (UV) protection stops the sun’s harmful rays to prevent fading. UV protection is important that it is one of the most expensive features of a quick and good price for a quality truck cover.


Car Covers – The Cost Effective Way Of Preserving Cars



The ultra-violet rays from the sun will fade the exterior and ruin the finish. The cabin will get too stuffy and intolerable to drive, and the internal specs will get ruined. The high level of acid disintegrate the paint work and make it look horribly patchy. The car will look old and battered well before it’s time. When the wind blows, it manages to drag along with it junk from the streets. This includes twigs and stones, and as they fly past, they end up knocking the car leaving it scratched and dented all over. All of this is aside from the birds muck and the like that manages to park themselves on the car’s exterior. These also disintegrate the paint work, and leave long lasting stains that are near impossible to remove. The dust will also pile up and the car will look old and weather beaten. So it is agreed that a cover is needed. The type of cover will very much depend on the environment, and the climate that the car is kept in. Some covers will be better for sunnier climates, others will have better waterproof protection. If the car is kept indoors, it will need only basic protection against knocks and bashes, and the dust, and not these fancy weather-proof ones. However the type of sizing also makes a difference on the quality of protection provide. Universal car covers will fit on to any car, big or small (trucks come as a different size). They are cheap, as they can be mass produced. However they will never fit properly. Either the cover will be too big, and look like a badly constructed, baggy tent, or will just about cover, often leaving bits peaking out. Therefore the protection offered by universal covers is not the best. Custom cover are very expensive, as they are tailor made. The cover is made specifically for that particular car and it’s specification, making things like mirror and aerial pockets where necessary. This obviously means that there is not space for anything to sneak in, under the cover. Whilst this gives a classy look, it is also a pretty penny. That’s why semi-custom are the perfect choice. They are made to fit a selection of cars of similar shape and size. This means that the cover will fit the car properly, even if not like a glove. The protection is still tops, and the car will look good even whilst covered. However it is not nearly as expensive as the custom, as it is not produced only for that car.


A Full Car Cover Stops Robberies!

Have you ever experienced a car burglary? Well, it may not be as traumatic as a house burglary, but it is definitely damaging and upsetting. Whatever the case, a car robbery is not pleasant. But what can you do to prevent a car robbery? You may have no choice but to leave your car out in the open over nights, and that is a time when there are not many people around and a thief will take the chance to rob a car! What can you do? But did you know that if you have a full auto cover covering your car you are less likely to be a target for a thief? That the percentages of covered cars that are robbed are lower than the average car? A thief gets attracted when he sees items lying unattended in the car, whether it may be your satellite navigation, your DVD player or your spare briefcase. A car cover keeps all your items out of sight, so out of mind. Once a potential thief sees the gadgets in your car, they beckon him to come and take them. So covering your car hides away your gadgets. In addition, every robber knows that time is of essence. Any moment somebody could come past, and he could be found and caught. So his first choice will not be to rob a car that has a cover over it, since it will take longer to get into the car itself. He’ll have to first remove the cover. The thief would prefer to go for a car that he can access easily. In this way too, your car is a less likely choice for a thief. For all these reasons, your car will be more secure with a full car cover. It is an investment that is worthwhile, because in addition to protecting your car from thieves, the cover actually is really made to protect your car from the elements outdoor that can damage its exterior and paint.

? Is Investing In A Custom Car Cover A Smart Idea



It is tough to spend money on things you might consider a luxury in today’s economy. To some extent, it’s true that every extra penny needs to be hoarded and saved for a rainy day. It can be a wise move to do exactly the opposite in another way entirely though. Right now, your car may be in great condition. Maybe you recently bought it within the past couple years. Your car might not get much outdoor use now, especially if you utilize public transportation to get to your job. Whatever the reason, it probably makes sense to you to keep doing what you’re doing and not purchase any additional accessories for your car. That assumption could leave you hurting for cash in the future much more than you realize, though. Unforeseen events happen all the time, and cars do not last forever. The one time you drive the car all month, you could have a rock hit its hood, for instance. Even if your car is in storage, it could get damaged without you even being aware of it. The end result of either scenario is that the car is still damaged, though. To get it fixed, this will ultimately end up costing you quite a bit. To have fixed by a professional, even the smallest car dents or scratches can cost hundreds of dollars. You’ll end up paying a lot of money for relatively little damage, as a result.


For saving you money in the future, this is also why investing in a custom car cover now is a smart choice. Custom car covers may seem like an extravagant luxury to some, but they’re not. Instead, they’re a financially savvy investment to avoid a great deal of costs in the future. As well as saving your car from unexpected problems like flying rocks, custom car covers ultimately protect your vehicle against normal wear and tear. Since their material is non-abrasive and won’t scratch your car, custom car covers are made specifically to fit and protect your car. The message is straightforward: pay a little bit now to save yourself a lot later.

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